Do we want our world ending like this…?

Climate has reached a global crisis point — act now!

It is 15 past 12!!

You have heard about the recent wildfires in California which had been the 6 of the 20 largest wildfires — all have happened this year. 500,000 people in Oregon — more than 10 percent of the state — have been told to evacuate as flames are encroaching. Can you imagine how it is to loose everything you possess? Your home, your shelter, your memories …

There are also fires blazing in Australia, Siberia and Amazons. Floods in China, Bangladesh and India…Climate has reached a global crisis point — a crisis which is linked to health crisis and hunger crisis as well. We will reach 10 billion habitants by 2050 (+28%) but our demand for food will double by 2050!!

I am asking myself why we (at least most of us) don’t act and why we still continue our lives like we are used to it. I believe the reason is: It is comfortable (and humans are inherently lazy)! That is true — Change means pain, change means time effort, change means we need to adapt to a new life style.

In Addition it is difficult to imagine to what every single person can contribute to change the world. To recognise the impact of change immediately is limited — but we will in the long run. And if we do not change now, our children and grandchildren will pay our debits. We need a mindset shift in our society.

There are many ways to start and act now!

Every week I want to walk though the possibilities what everybody can contribute but I will start with the one option which will have a major impact and were alternatives are plenty: meat consumption.

The interesting thing is avoiding meat means reducing deforestation, water consumption, increases your health and reduces suffering of life-stock as factory farming is not animal-friendly. It contradicts the animal protection law but still majority of life-stock is living a life in pain and stress. Just because we are not willing to chose for a meat-free alternative and because we don’t want to spend too much money on meat of animals who are kept animal-friendly. Choices are there!!



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German "flexiganer" who cares for those who don't have a voice...loving the nature, mountains and enjoying life!